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CALIFORNIA FOCUS / RECAP: The Real Housewives of Toluca Lake: The Musical

Five Beautiful women singing introducing themselves on stage, it's the first thing the audience sees in ''The Real Housewives of Toluca Lake,'' the musical directed by Roger Bean that opened March 23 at the Falcon Theater located in Burbank.

Amazing! Is what you will feel during this musical. Fun from beginning to end.

With great lighting, costume, and music, the cast gave a wonderful performance. There was plenty of glamour, gossip and scandal and everything you’d expect from a “real housewife”, played by Meredith Patterson, Anita Barone, Jenna Coker-Jones, Cynthia Ferrer, and Adrienne Visnic but with much more comedy. The lyrics were funny and the acting was spot on. Each woman really brought their character to life and amazingly one man brought many characters to life played by Marc Ginsburg. Bravo.

This is a real crowd pleaser with many laughs.

But don’t just take our word for it, judge for yourself.

Head out to watch these botoxed, backstabbing bitc#… beauties give an outstanding musical performance.

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