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RADAR STATE Playing at the Moroccan Lounge (LA) on Feb 8.

"Strays is the reunion album we never got from The Replacements during the last time they got back together, channeled through three of emo’s greatest songwriters, and really the first great album of 2019." (4/5 stars)


"...driving, punchy punk ...They sound like they’re having a lot of fun, getting back to the basics..."

- Brooklynvegan

"Radar State formed as a means of uniting three primary songwriters. Stylistically, the quartet incorporates the ’90s-driven sounds of Pryor and Suptic’s Get Up Kids, one of the seminal acts to fuel the “second-wave” emo scene. Combining Berwanger’s more classic rock leanings and Phillips’ penchant for grittier grooves, the result is tight, energetic and accessible."

- Kansas City Star

"...these guys have nothing left to prove except that they still know how to have a good time playing in a band. And listening to their debut album ‘Strays,’ it is kinda obvious they have that covered...a solid album that offers plenty of variety along with a sense of familiarity that all the emo/indie rock fans out there will appreciate."

- Punk Rock Theory

" album that showcases what they’re all capable of. Strays is a solid album through and through."


"... an impressive debut album, one where you can hear the ghosts of punks past being brought into the modern age, influences from vintage acts like Elvis Costello and Stiff Little Fingers can be heard along with a host of classic and contemporary influences, and of course the impressive array of acts that their members are culled from. Radar State‘s debut album indicates that the members haven’t put their past behind them, rather their past experiences have been combined to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.” (4 stars)


California Focus

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