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Electronic Musician and Activist Madame Gandhi Comes to San Francisco and Stanford, January 23–26, 2

Madame Gandhi, who has made a career out of mixing activism with artistry, will bring her electronic sounds and holistic insight to Northern California for four special performances: the Spark 2019 Kick Off (1/23), the Sparked wellness conference (1/26), and a DJ + drum set at Jolene's (1/24) in San Francisco, plus the Stanford University Concert Series (1/25). The four events embody the essence of Madame Gandhi’s mission to elevate the female voice and optimize joy as a force for change.

On January 23 Madame Gandhi participates in a Q&A and performs a DJ + drum set at a fundraiser titled “The Future is Female: Spark 2019 Kick Off with Madame Gandhi” at club Monroe in San Francisco for Spark, a philanthropic organization dedicated to gender equality. Gandhi will discuss how she uses her voice as an artist to advance gender equality and perform some of her anthemic singles, including“The Future is Female,” “Top Knot Turn Up,” and her most recent release, “Bad Habits.” The fundraiser is open to the public and the hashtag for the event is #SparkYourVoice. More information and tickets can be found here.

On January 24, she performs a DJ + drum set at Jolene's in San Francisco, and on January 25, Madame Gandhi performs at the Stanford University Concert Series at midnight.

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