The Curious Palate at Santa Monica Place

January 28, 2019




The Curious Palate at Santa Monica Place is continuing the celebration of the special restaurant week ingredient, the persimmon, even after the conclusion of Santa Monica Restaurant Week by continuing to serve their Persimmon Upside-Down Cake Sundae.


In case you missed out on trying the delicious dessert during Santa Monica Restaurant Week, the custom Persimmon Upside-Down Cake Sundae uses the sweet hachiya persimmon to flavor the cake and create a refreshing ice cream. Other components of the dessert include bittersweet chocolate sauce and pecan crumble. 


The persimmons were purchased from the local Santa Monica Farmer's Market and the pecan crumble topping was made in-house; like many items on the menu, such as their home-made ketchup and peanut butter. Locally-owned and, naturally, given the bounty of Santa Monica's terroir, local, fresh, natural produce is the cornerstone of The Curious Palate's culinary philosophy.


The Curious Palate takes pride in working with artisan growers to bring their customers the best of the season’s bounty. They believe in celebrating life through the joys of good food, and bringing people closer together with each new edible delight.

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