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Fall in Love with Road Bear RV Luxury Motorhome, Camper & RV Rentals this Upcoming Season

Families Delight in Ease of Road-Schooling & Working Remote While on the Road

Labor Day may have passed, but that doesn't mean vacation season is over. Dubbed the year of the RV renaissance due to the increased interest in RV vacations, Road Bear RV, the luxury RV nationwide rental and sale corporation with 40-years of experience, is excelling with the latest trend in increased home-schooling and working-from-home with an extensive line of luxury motorhomes to rent and purchase. A division of the world’s largest RV rental company: Tourism Holdings Limited (thl), Road Bear RV, makes traveling stylish, safe, easy, and perfect for families looking to enhance remote learning, while also resting and recharging.

“We’re seeing a lot of adults continuing to work remotely and many students now learning remotely, or home-schooling choosing to rent and purchase our RV’s,” said Gordon Hewston, Chief Operating Officer, thl. “We pride ourselves on making RV hire easy, hassle-free and safe so families can continue to use Road Bear RV as a creative way to enjoy their newfound flexibility.”

Road Bear RV offers the newest rental fleet with guaranteed 2020-2021 models, making the company a top choice for first-time and experienced RV travelers. Enjoy one-way rental options between all seven locations nationwide, as well as personal upgrades like optional high-quality convenience kits including a toaster, coffee maker, GPS, plenty of pots, pans, dishes and utensils. Branch locations include Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Families can elevate road-schooling (or homeschooling on the road) as students can truly immerse themselves in U.S. history, study ecology and natural life with their road trip destinations paired to their lesson plans. RV homeschooling offers families the ability to safely travel, while also allowing children to learn in a uniquely hands-on way. As the summer heat subsides and the leaves begin to change, fall is the perfect season to explore new places with a RV road trip.

“States like Colorado are packed with picturesque, pothole-free country roads that lead to waterfalls and other scenic spots,” adds Hewston. “We are seeing that families still want to travel and traveling by Road Bear RV provides families the comfort and control to be able to see these breathtaking locations safely.”

Road Bear RV offers a variety of seasonal and multi-day travel discounts for rentals booked in September and October. For a list of all specials and savings offered, to purchase and reserve an RV, or for more information, RV trip planning resources and more, visit or dial 1-866-491-9853.

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