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TUSTIN, California, September 1, 2016–Normally known as the epitome of Orange County suburban shopping, The Market Place in Tustin will once again be home to one of the scariest, most intense and most interactive haunted houses around. Last season, 26,000 guests braved through The 17th Door Haunt Experience and this year, over a dozen new rooms have been created along with a mini escape room to take things to a whole new level. This year’s haunt will be larger and longer, featuring over 34 minutes filled with more monsters, more scares, more of what you love and more of what you hate!

The unique, timed haunt experience delves into the story of its main character, Paula, and how her life falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture and bad decisions.Can you walk in Paula’s shoes through thedissolution of her life and burning flashbacks of her past to withstand what’s behind that final door? Or will you succumb to fear and have to cry out “Mercy?”

Pre-sale tickets for this year’s season are now available online at Act fast because they sell out quickly!

“The storyline will continue where last year's left off, with Paula’s attempted suicide and asylum residency,” said owner Robbie Luther. “Same main character, still mostly taking place at Gluttire University. We will be diving deeper into Paula's character by visiting her childhood and exposing where her problems first originated. Her childhood will be a major part of the storyline this year. We plan to focus on developing the story this year and we have some good ideas about how we intend to do that.”

The 17th Door is designed for mature audiences and is recommended for 16 years of age and older. It is not recommended for children under the age of 15, as it features intense thematic material throughout the haunt.

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