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CALIFORNIA FOCUS / RECAP: Cross Roads Escape Game

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be in a horror movie? Well if so than a visit to Cross Roads Escape Games is a must! Our California Focus Staff are all Horror Film fans and when we stepped into The Hex Room there was no turning back as we had 60 minutes to escape as a team. We all thought we had good communication skills but the second the clock started and we were placed in our own rooms our minds went blank as then we were placed on the other side of the horror film.

There was a moment of silent at first then we all started talking and asking each other questions any way we could have by yelling, repeating etc. Example can be when you’re watching that horror movie and we are on the other end yelling at them, its right there grab it! Well it was a whole complete different story for me in this case. Being stuck in this little room trying to escape to help the rest of the team was frustrating yet very fun. When the 60 minutes was up… we all wanted more time!

We were shown the clues and it was all right in front of our faces. Again we thought we had communication walking into something we didn’t even expect but yes we failed and if it was a real horror movie I think only one of us would have survived. Sorry readers we can’t really give too much details because we want to see you grab a team and see if you can escape The Hex Room. Prepare yourself to live 60 minutes in Horror movie to escape from the killer! Best of luck and contact us only if you survive to enter and win a giveaway!

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