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CALIFORNIA FOCUS: Interview with actor Dave Belvederi

Tell us a little about the film “Rogue Hunter” and your role as Alex Phoenix Answer 1. Rouge Hunter talks about this Private Investigator that hunts down private androids that are basically malfunctioned, they wanna kill humans. He’s gonna get stopped by these private corporations, anti-technology terrorist basically, and while he’s doing that he’s involved in a major shootout, when he discovers a way bigger angle to this whole story.

Were there any challenges about the role you played if so what was it and why? Answer 2. The challenge was that it was very demanding because you have to be on set for like a week, it’s an action packed movie and so basically you have to stand with a rifle for about twelve hours a day, and I mean if you’re not trained it’s a lot, luckily I am so it wasn’t much of a big deal, but it was a lot of fun. Sometimes, you know, you would get a little bit tired after twelve hours with all the armor on you, flying around on set shooting, yeah, that was the biggest challenge yet.

Can you tell us about your journey into the United States and becoming an actor? Answer 3. The journey started off in Italy, I was working as an accountant, basically i was like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, before he got the “red pill”, then I got the red pill and I kinda like woke up and I pursued an acting career here in the sates. Well I did a workshop for like five weeks in Europe...

Tell us a little bit about your very first stunt role. Answer 4. My very first stunt role was in New York. I worked for a guy named Ray Rodriguez and it was this sort of dark comedy, where I was playing like a mercenary, you know getting my ass handed by this guy that was like a superhero, it was called “Bullock The Bruiser”, that was my first stunt gig. It was actually challenging because I come from a background of Marshall arts, for a lot of years, so sometimes I was getting a little bit to close to the actor so I got some complaints, you know. You have to build up that space and distance between you and the other actor because otherwise they kind of get boot jabbed a little bit. And my other stunt guy that I worked for here in L.A. helped me out a lot, you know, achieving that tranquility while I’m doing all my fighting scenes like karate.

Were there any major films that influenced you while growing up? Answer 5. Oh yeah, a lot! well, when i was a little kid the last gift that my dad gave me was the old VHS trilogy of STAR WARS, that was a big influence for me! yeah, and um I would say pretty much all of the Mission Impossible saga. Also I loved the Silence of the Lambs with Anthony Hopkins. And too Ridley Scott, Blade Runner. And John Carpenter’s film (Escape from L.A.) with Kurt Russell!

How do you want the audience to perceive you as an actor? Answer 6. My dream would be to become kind of like a symbol. for example the Anthony Hopkins of action, kind of like that, but at the end of the day, you know, I would be perfectly fine just being the guy who entertained and led by example. yeah so, not too much.

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