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Global Genes - ONEHOPE Wine Tasting

Global Genes / ONEHOPE Wine Tasting June 14, 2018, held at the beautiful Middle Bar in Inglewood, Ca. Middle Bar is a hidden little gem that more people must know about. Great ambiance, amazing food and the owners were super friendly. This is a wonderful spot to host small events or just drop by for a cocktail and great music after a long day. I loved the style and creativity that these women put into their food. You can tell immediately that they carry a strong passion for cooking and hosting. Many of the appetizers they served were those that paired great with a few varieties of wine.

Speaking of wines...

We were introduced to ONEHOPE Wine, who's mission is to bring people together to celebrate and serve the world. The wonderful thing about these unique wines, beside the deliciousness, is that every bottle sold will support a charitable cause.

We also learned about Global Genes, a leading rare disease patient advocacy organization. Their mission? To connect, empower, and inspire the rare disease community. Global Genes works to educate the global community about rare diseases (over 7,000 distinct types) which effect 1 in 10 Americans and 350 million people worldwide.

The two non-profit organizations, Global Genes and ONEHOPE, decided to partner together to make a difference- RARE Wine for Rare Disease. This collaboration recently launched its Monterey Reserve Gewürztraminer, this rare wine is meant to help build awareness, support and educate the people about rare genetic diseases.

The Monterey Gewürztraminer is a sweet white wine, full of passionfruit flavor, spicy aromas, and a honey like finish. I enjoyed every drop of this wine, it was not overly sweet, and you can definitely taste that hint of spice in there.

The ONEHOPE Pinot Noir also contained a light hint of spices.I have to say that the Pinot, full of red fruit flavors, was my favorite! I think I'll be making room on my wine rack for these two wines... Okay and probably the ONEHOPE Reserve Prosecco also.

Every case of the Gewürztraminer funds one on one genetic counseling support for a rare disease patient. Every case of the Pinot Noir funds one pet adoption and for every bottle of the Prosecco- four meals are funded for a child in need.

So yes, I'm definitely stocking up on that Prosecco!

And If you are a wine lover also, then please do yourself and the world a favor by

visiting and purchasing your own bottle or bottles of these rare and thoughtfully crafted wines.

Why not indulge in a glass of wine, while making a difference in the world.

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