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RECAP: Knott's Scary Farm 2017

It’s gonna be another frightening year at Knott's Halloween Haunt with a few new tricks!

Scary Farm fans should not miss this, and we’ll tell you why.


Remember that old house on your block that you swore was haunted? Yup, the one that your friends would dare each other to go up and ring the doorbell. Well only at Knotts does Jon Cooke give you that chance to not only ring that bell, but you get to enter this creepy house. And this year you get to guide your way through with a flashlight! Okay so the flashlight may be a little defective, of course, but that makes this experience all the more intense as the light shuts off only to turn back on at the perfect scare moment. You will also notice a difference in the layout, there is definitely more surprise and effects added to make this maze extra fun and extra spooky.

Another fun maze added is DARK RIDE in which you will enter through an old abandoned carnival ride and just like the CarnEVIL scare zone, you will need to survive your way through evil crazed clowns and sideshow freaks. Who isn’t scared of clowns? Especially ones that look like they want to eat your face. Hurry, hurry, step right up!

Now, one of our personal favorites would have to be the PUMPKIN EATER.

If anyone can take an old dark children’s rhyme and make more twisted and disturbing, well it’s Daniel Miller.

Take a long terrifying stroll through the Pumpkin Eaters lair, where fear builds up as you witness an array of incredibly sinister and gore filled props, such as tortured bodies hanging from the. Ceilings and stuffed into pumpkin gutted walls and let us not forget a disgusting bug infestation.

This was definitely a spine-chilling maze, and we loved it!

Scare zones, shows, and the overall sound of people screaming and running in fear, what could be better? Oh yeah, Halloween Hootenanny! You can’t miss out on this Timber Mountain log ride with a dark twist.

The Halloween season just wouldn’t be complete without the Knotts Scary Farm experience, so don’t miss out on the extreme terror that awaits you just beyond the fog!

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