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Bone Yard Effects Presents HorrorWorld

One Destination with Multiple Haunts & More Coming to the Puente Hills Mall!

The HORRORWORLD concept was developed by Bone Yard Effects, Inc., a full-service Makeup Effects Studio serving the Entertainment Industry since 1995. After years of working with haunted events and attractions, Bone Yard Effects, Inc. owners Larry and Cheryl Bones decided it was time to open their own. In 2016, Cierra Skelton was brought in to help Co-Produce the Film and Haunted Attraction INTO THE BLACK and after a successful first year they decided it was time to expand into a larger scale haunted event. The HORRORWORLD concept was announced to the public in January of 2018.

HORRORWORLD consists of 3 Haunted Walk-Through Attractions, a Virtual Reality Experience, Spooky Vendors, and a Blacklight Horror Themed Game Area!


INTO THE BLACK -Discover the twisted history of the 19th century home belonging to the infamous, devil worshipping, and occult following Black family. Did we mention you will enter ALONE? We invite you to watch the “INTO THE BLACK” movie before attending this event. The short film can be found here:

THE PSYCHO SANITARIUM - Step inside the halls of the Psycho Sanitarium, a crumbling reminder of humanity’s ability to neglect and mistreat those deemed “unfit” for society...but what happens when the tormented fight back? Experience the chaos within the Newest Maze from Bone Yard Effects, Inc.

THE FLESHYARD - Abraham and Sarah Kearny had it all, a happy marriage, 5 children, and a successful livestock farm. Until they were found brutally murdered and their farm burned down to the ground. The spirits of the violently butchered family cannot rest. They continue to haunt their land while they seek vengeance for their untimely demise. Can you survive?


Stroll through a variety of vendors that are bringing Horror and Halloween related products, then try your luck in the Blacklight Horror Themed Game Area! Are you skilled enough to win a prize?

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