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Anti-Anxiety CBD Essential Oil for Dogs Available

Nationwide Online on Deiñ

Calming Anti-Anxiety Topical for Dogs Infused with Pure-Hemp Derived CBD

Curating hand-crafted small batch CBD infused essential oils formulated for dogs, De Íñiguez, uses the highest quality of organic ingredients sourced from around the world to create the Calming Anti-Anxiety Topical for Dogs.

The original essential oil is created to target anxiety with the natural calming benefits of non-THC Hemp derived CBD, hemp oil, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense and manuka. Infused with 300mg of pure hemp-derived CBD, the Anti-Anxiety Topical was inspired by Spanish and French essential oil recipes handed down from generations of the Iniguez and De Leon families.

The calming topical is designed to be applied topically, benefits are best achieved through aroma intake and through the skin. The efficacy of the topical elixir comes from the curative effects of the organic ingredients found within and the soothing communal and meditative experience between you and your dog.

The 30ml (1oz) bottle is available now nationwide online at Deiñ starting at $225.

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