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Business Networking Series at Mountain Vista Winery: Coverage by California Focus

Inland Empire Regional Chamber for Wine + Refreshments + Great company at Mountain Vista Winery located in Rancho Cucamonga on the Pierre Biane Winery Estate.

California Focus has had the great pleasure of visiting Mountain Vista Winery located in Rancho Cucamonga for a Business Networking Series created by Edward Ornelas Jr. the President of the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Ornelas has again done a superb job of providing a well put together event that brings people together, giving business owners the opportunity to connect. Five Star Catering provided great Filet Mignon appetizers and more therefore we will be sure to use Five Star Catering for any upcoming California Focus events.

There was a great variety of wines to choose from, so of course that means we will be returning to Mountain Vista to try each one. Moscato was our first choice of wine as we mingled throughout this beautifully decorated room and meeting so many great business owners. We even purchased 2 bottles to take home and enjoy.

Many of us tend to read reviews on different types of wines before purchasing or even trying it out, so here is what we thought of the Moscato wine that California Focus chose at the Mountain Vista Winery during the Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Networking Series.

Of course, like any other review Moscato wine reviews will have a different outlook according to everyone’s personal opinion. As for us, We were not disappointing whatsoever. The Moscato we had tried was absolutely delicious, it was sweet, like most Moscatos are, but this sweetness was not an overwhelming one. This Moscato paired up wonderfully with the perfectly toasted pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich that was provided by Five Star Catering, OMG, this sandwich was completely amazing! By the time we returned to the bar for another glass of wine, that's when we had decided to purchase the two bottles of Mountain Vista Winery Moscato to take home. We knew this would be the perfect wine to bring out when it becomes time to start brainstorming for our upcoming May publication which will be featuring the Director of Dare to be Wild, a beautiful film that can be viewed directly from Netflix.

California Focus also had the chance to capture many photos at the Business Networking Meeting for Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce to post onto their Social Media for others to download from their website.

We also had the honor of meeting the two owners of Mountain Vista Winery, Corinne Ramirez and Yvonne Trezona who are also sisters. These women were very sweet and just by the first meeting you can see that they also owned very fun and outgoing personalities. There was a point during the social engagement that Corinne Ramirez, one of Mountain Vista Winery owners, had given us a brief presentation about the winery and how they got started. This was a very interesting and inspiring story to us, and the other business owners.

If you are in the Inland Empire area and you are looking for a place to unwind with a delicious glass of wine, I have to say that Mountain Vista Winery is a perfect spot, where they are known for their Artisan Craft Winery and excellent service. While you're there you may also decide that this is perhaps the perfect place to host your own event. They have passion in all they provide and well educated in wine making. Make sure to visit their website to keep updated on their upcoming events that are held at this beautiful facility. Mountain Vista Winery is a great place for all wine lovers out there and if you are not a wine person already, well then this may be just the place to change your mind about that.


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