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California Focus Interview with Scare Actor and Podcaster Rickcreeper11

California Focus had the privilege of interviewing Rick known as " Rickcreeper11" scare actor and podcaster here in Southern California. Heres what he had to say!

When did you first become a scare actor and where? I first became a scare actor in 2018 with Sinister Pointe Productions, an independent event production company based out of Brea Ca. I have attended their haunted attractions and events in the past, they were very immersive and intimate which drew me towards their open auditions for cast in the summer of 2018. I almost backed out of the open auditions out of nervousness, luckily one of the Casting managers (Danny K. Mui) approached me before I chickened out lol. A Scary Place was their Haunted attraction for 2018 which I had the honor of being a part of. I have been given the opportunity to work on various projects associated with Sinister Pointe Productions and eventually I ended up at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor for the 2019 Haunt season. It's crazy how everything somewhat happened over night, I'm more than grateful and thankful for everyone that has given me these opportunities from monster photoshoots and building haunts, to putting together my own immersive event and starting up a podcast.

What made you interested in becoming a scare actor? Idk? I have always been a fan from a distance, attending various haunts over the years. I attempted Knott's scary farm when I was 19 but I wasn't responsible enough at the time. It just wasn't my time to take that journey, which is fine, I ended up discovering this "Creative world" at a later age. I have always had a vivid imagination since I was kid, I would develop storylines or characters in my head which eventually lead to me becoming a "MONSTER". I personally don't like to be the center of attention but when I am in makeup or in character, the boogeyman comes out and takes over. For some reason I am very vocal as a "monster" which is not who I am in real life. Where does it come from? I have no idea!!!!!

Are there any horror movies that inspire your roles? I would say John Carpenter's Halloween, Michael Myers has always been a figure that has either terrorized or inspired me. Something about his lifeless face or silence has always creeped me out, or how he's able to pop out of nowhere makes my skin crawl. There's a video game that i discovered randomly called "Dead by daylight" where I definitely found inspiration for a character called the Trapper. Again, another hulking figure that doesn't speak but moves fast and will won’t stop for anything. Freddy Kruger from A nightmare on elm street would be another influence for my scare acting, he has the best one liners and delivery as well. I am definitely campy at times and people seem to enjoy it.

How do you prepare yourself to get into character? I definitely have a routine that I follow, it's physically demanding wherever you work at. I prep weeks to months in advance by exercising and eating somewhat healthy. As far as getting into character, I get pretty quiet the day of to conserve energy and my voice. Have you ever heard someone with a "Haunters voice”? We sound like Marge Simpson's twin sisters. I warm up my vocals in advance, drink plenty of water, stretch out because you don't want to get hurt. I do create a playlist to get me in the mood, various Halloween music or soundtracks. Check out the Midnight Syndicate, you'll see what I am talking about. But most importantly, be passionate and have fun.

Can you share with us a great experience you had being a scare actor? The best experience I can think of was scaring the sh*t out of people that I have worked with before and didn't even recognize while I was working at Dark Harbor. Not only my day job but only scare actors I worked with the year prior. But the one experience that I will never forget was a high-profile Hip-Hop artist (Which will remain nameless) screamed like a little girl. He ran away after I called him by his real name, lol.

Can you share with us the worst experience of being a scare actor? There weren't too many bad experiences, besides being tired or dealing with pain. I was pushed by my chest and told to F**k off, but that person tripped down a flight of stairs right after. Luckily, they weren't seriously hurt, but the haunt karma got them or maybe the ghosts from the Queen Mary???????? Nothing but good times!

Is there any advice you can share with someone that is just starting out to be a scare actor? Sure. I started at a late age that didn't hold me back, but it made me second guess myself. A Lot of veterans would approach me and give advice, and the one common thing they shared was seeing how passionate and hardworking people can be regardless of lack of experience. Again, I was a guy that got into the Haunt Industry in 2018 at the age of 42 and discovered a newfound passion. Just like anything in life, try your best and work hard at it. It might not be easy at first, but you will grow. I had a few rough nights where I wasn't feeling 100% and wanted to quit and I Had nights where I couldn't contain myself from laughing. The best part of it all, was seeing people enjoying themselves and the hard work paying off. I have met some many amazing people that have become my family and have been given opportunities which I could have never imagined. So, if you're thinking of doing this, don't hold back and give it your all. I had two big Haunt attractions pass on me which stung at the time but look at where I have ended up at. Bottom line don't hold back and just go for it! You might be the next big thing...who knows!

How are you keeping your Halloween spirits alive during covid time? I have been helping out with two home haunt builds. The Hull house haunt in Buena park Ca which is minutes from Knotts Berry Farm and the 1870 Haunt Manor in Anaheim Ca. Both can be found on Instagram and the So Cal Haunt list. Both are immersive Yard displays which will be safe to drive by or approach curbside. On certain feature nights I will be scare acting at the 1870 Haunt Manor as Gravedigger Joe which I played last year. Besides the home haunts, I will be spending time with my lovely girlfriend Krsyta carving pumpkins and going on our spooky Halloween adventures. Stay safe everyone and have a Happy Halloween season...


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