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The Smokers Club Festival

Photo Credit: J.Gassaway

The Smokers Club Fest was a breath of fresh air, all you Smokers Club fans know just what mean (wink, wink). Just kidding but let’s get to main reason why this festival is a must for next year. I would have to say this event was well organized and The Queen Mary’s waterfront was a great location to carry on this two-day festival.

They had a lot of great artists performing, from Shoreline Mafia, SOB x RBE, Lil Pump and School Boy Q just to name a few performers. Trippie Redd was not able to perform because, but hey maybe next year, right? and although we missed him, they did provide another great performer, Yung Thug. His set made up very well.

Photo Credit: J.Gassaway

This show was packed with fans and everyone was having a great time. With so much talent on stage, and I️ enjoyed them all, but I️ will say my favorite performance of the Night was School Boy Q’s set he had the crowd overly hyped with his performance playing his originals like Collard Greens, THat Part to his newest top single X ft. 2 Chainz, who was another amazing artist who performed 2 of his top singles “It’s a Vibe and 4 am”.

With summer creeping up around the corner, this was just what we needed to kick start those summer vibes. So, fans keep your eyes and ears open for next year and grab tickets quick, this festival was just too much fun to miss out on!

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